Keroppi Frog polymer clay cane for decoden crafts, create fantastic nail art, or to decorate your miniature foods! You can even use these for scrapbooking, handmade cards, inside resin jewelry, mixed media collage, let your imagination be your guide....

You get exactly 2 baked flexible cane. Each cane can have slight varying diameters and lengths as they are handmade. Average 50mm.  

The amount of slices you get from each cane will depend on the thickness of your cut. The thinner you cut, the more slices you will get! I usually get an average of 70-85 slices when I cut a cane, but you can get more if cutting really thin. 

You can use a razor or knife to cut these, but for the very best results when cutting, use a sharp tissue blade made for cutting polymer clay, and make sure the surface you are cutting on is very even.

2 Pieces. Keroppi Frog Polymer Clay Cane